Successful managers get things done.

They know how to motivate their teams, they provide regular feedback, they grow and develop their employees, and their team members become raving fans. Sounds amazing, right?

But here’s the reality: Less than 10% of your managers are truly excelling as people leaders. Most new managers struggle and that leads to negative impacts on your business. When you have untrained managers, you have higher turnover, disengaged employees and lower productivity rates.


Left to their own devices, these managers are uncomfortable leading a team. It’s not their fault because many have never been given an opportunity to see what great management looks like. In most organizations, manager training is either non-existent or not comprehensive enough to make a difference. This is a systemic problem plaguing most organizations.


That’s why we’ve created New Manager Bootcamp.


Our comprehensive six-week online program covers all the core areas of manager know-how and provides your managers with tools and resources they can use well into their management journeys.


Each learning module includes video training, tools, tips, resources and templates to use now and after class.


Module 1: Understanding your management strengths

Most managers get promoted because they are great employees, but that doesn't necessarily mean (and often doesn't mean) that they'll be great managers. Our program kicks-off with a strengths assessment to determine what skills and competencies the manager has and can rely on in this management role.


Managers who understand their strengths are six times more likely to be engaged in their work. And when your manager is engaged, it’ll be easier for them to get their team engaged (and increase productivity). 


In this module, your manager will get: 

  • Self-reflective questions to gain clarity on what their team needs from them (and how to fulfill it)
  • Access to an online assessment that will reveal their strengths
  • How to use mission, vision, and values statements to motivate their team
  • And much more, including our 40+ page workbook packed full of valuable content

Module 2: Hire the right people

Managers need to have the right people on their team if they want to be effective at their jobs. But knowing who to hire is easier said than done. 


That’s why in this module, we’ll show your managers our most effective interview tactics to help hire people who want to do good work. 


This module will teach your manager: 

  • Behavioral-based interview techniques (that helps them see through facades)
  • The true cost of a bad hire and red flags to look for before you hire someone
  • An interview cheat sheet with sample questions your managers can use if they’re ever stuck

Module 3: Retain, engage and motivate your team

Employee engagement increases dramatically when the daily experiences of employees include positive relationships with their direct supervisors (up to 70%!).


This module will help your managers learn how to boost morale and get the best performance out of their teams. 


In this module, participants will learn: 

  • Why engagement matters
  • How to regularly assess your team's engagement through conversations and stay interviews 
  • How to develop a professional relationship with team members (and develop them into leaders themselves)

Bonus: Sample employee engagement questions your managers can regularly ask their team members

Module 4: Maximize productivity

Need to get your teams producing results in a short period of time? This module will help your managers do just that. 


Delegation and prioritization are skills that many new (and more experienced) managers struggle with. This part of the program will help them hone those skills and increase performance because of it. 


In this module, your manager will learn: 

  • How to use time management effectively
  • Prioritization techniques that will help them get the most important things done
  • A 5-step delegation process

Bonus: Done-for-you scheduling and planner tools

Module 5: Manage performance

A manager who doesn’t know how to manage performance cannot be effective. 


That’s why, in this module, we’ll teach your managers how to accurately assess the performance of their teams. 


In this module, your managers will learn:

  • How to develop goals with employees and help them meet those goals
  • How to actively listen to their employees (a skill many managers don’t have)
  • How to conduct one-on-one meetings that boost performance

Bonus: New Manager's Guide to Feedback ebook

Module 6: Communicate during conflict and have difficult conversations

Difficult conversations are unavoidable in the workplace. And managers who know how to have these conversations can be the saving grace of your organization. 


In this module, your managers will discover: 

  • Our 8-step methodology for having difficult conversations (and how to turn a negative situation into a positive one for all parties)
  • Why having difficult conversations is an important part of being a manager (and how to embrace them)

Bonus: New Manager's Guide to Having Difficult Conversations ebook

Act FAST Bonus: One-on-one laser coaching sessions

Normally we offer our One-On-One Laser Coaching sessions for $500 per month. 


However, if you act fast to enroll your managers now, we'll include three months of laser coaching for FREE. This is a $1,500 value, which is more than the cost of the program!


In these sessions, we work with your managers to overcome one of their biggest management challenges. 

I really appreciate how comprehensive this program was. I feel like each lesson built on the past and it was very helpful. As soon as I had a question, it was addressed in a later lesson. The section on engagement was very enlightening. Thank you very much for a fantastic program!

Former student

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post-course surveys)

This was an absolute great course to learn about best managerial practices and how to be a good manager. I enjoyed all the videos, slides and added resources. I would definitely recommend this course to a new manager.

Former student

I love that I could login and complete the modules when it was most time efficient for my schedule and also that I could pause and come back to complete if needed. All of the resources and handouts are excellent and I can see them being extremely useful in the future. Thank you so much for making this course available!

Former student

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